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Latvia: Education Development Centre

Teacher training for preprimary, primary, secondary, and adult education, including school  administrators, librarians, parents, and policy-makers
Latvian and English
Trains in
Latvia and elsewhere, in coordination with RWCT member organizations. Can train via distance learning.
The Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, regional and local education authorities, and national and  international NGO’s.

Education Development Centre

Uses critical thinking methodology in various trainings to build an educated society consisting of confident individuals who can use their knowledge and skills for active participation and personal growth; an inclusive society that appreciates diversity and promotes social cohesion, and a learning society in which development is based on constantly acquiring knowledge and skills in multiple ways in formal, non-formal and informal settings. Projects embrace civic participation and civic education, critical thinking and media literacy, social integration and intercultural interaction, diversity and tolerance, human relations, community development, and youth integration and empowerment.

Sandra Kalnina • Education Development Centre • Riga LV-1010, Latvia

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